Mockup Laptop & Storyboard Template

A laptop style user interface frame and storyboard outline to describe a user journey for a specific feature or function

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Technical tool – helpful for capturing ideas for web application design and usage

How many people can use it?
2 – 3 people focusing on a specific scenario

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Prototyping, storytelling, User Interface design, User journeys

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What is it?

A laptop style interface frame to sketch a User Interface how an application might work. This template also includes a storyboard outline to indicate how using this app helps contribute to the solution.

Using a collection of the laptop mockup templates helps to provide an overview of different features an app might provide.

Why use it?

Visualising a solution helps you to workout the finer details and uncover how exactly a solution might work. It also makes talking to other much easier with a visual aid.

Ultimately these early mockups can be converted into wireframes and design by a development teams and provides a good starting point for gathering requirements.

When should it be used?

By the time you have a solution in mind, and assuming it requires some technological wizardry, there’s probably going to be an app involved. When there’s a specific feature, function or display required using a desktop screen – use this template.

How to use

Take a template and pens and sketch out what the user interface might look like, how the data will be visualised and how specific controls might appear and indicate what they do in the real world.

If the desktop computer has any other specific roles such as using the video camera, playing audio or some other interaction this can also be captured in the storyboard.


You don’t need to be a User Experience expert or artists to use this, a basic sketch and some description can go a long way to helping others understand.

If there’s no need for a desktop user interface in your solution, simply don’t use it. There are also many other UI Mockups included such as Mobile, Web browser and Smart watch interfaces.