Interest Cards

A range of flashcards to lead conversations around important challenges and opportunities for a specific cause, goal or strategy.

Interest cards help you find common talking points with different people.

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How many people can use it?
Good for groups of 2 – 6

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Creativity tool – helpful for inspiring and engaging conversations to create new solutions

Brainstorm, discuss, agree, motivate

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What is it?

Interest cards are simple themed prompts which contain a topic or motif to inspire and get people talking about what they care about or have an interest for.

The cards only show textual term as it allows for different interpretations, in early co-creation steps it’s beneficial to let participants relate their own experiences, ambitions and meanings with their own interpretations.

Why use it?

Using these within a group of people who might not know each other helps to focus discussions and give a common route forward in brainstorming exercises.

With common interests a group can focus ideas, agree on solutions and find challenges to take on. Ultimately interest cards help lead conversations early on by choosing a few identifiable topics.

When should it be used?

They’re great to use when you’re searching for opportunities, working with new and diverse teams to understand individual interests and spark conversations about specific topics.

They are best used at the beginning of any session concerning problem search or idea generation with a varied participant group who may not be well acquainted.

By creating customised interest cards it is also possible to keep brainstorm session on track early on and not get into new domains outside the goal of a session.

How to use

The cards are simply laid out on a surface where participants can sort through them, talk about what they relate to most. We always suggest selection between one and three interests that should be focused on in the next part of any brainstorm session.

Of course, the initial cards template we offer is limited by Smart city, if other interests are identified we simply write these on blank flash cards and the participants can move forward with these in mind

We also include a blank card template for you to add your own if you already have ideas where you want to steer discussions.


Before any session it’s wise to filter out unwanted cards from a session. For example an Industry 4.0 focused session may not need to have a brainstorming session about it’s relation to Urban Gardening.