Context Map Markers

Map markers for use with a Context Map to pinpoint opportunities, problems, points of interest and also to position solutions

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Creativity tool – provides focus when using a context map to highlight opportunities, problems, points of interest and also to position solutions

How many people can use it?
2 – 6

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Exploration, identify, track

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What is it?

Context Map pointers are small pop-up points which make it easy to highlight items on a map, we use these with the Context Map and entity cards for defining problems.

The pointers show an icon and label which indicates positive, negative or neutral situations, these help remember specific situations that might be further explored.

A device and user interface pointer are also provided for plotting existing solutions in the domain, as well as being useful for discussing solutions.

Why use it?

These points help to pinpoint situations and resources, when used with entity cards the pop-up pointers stand out more than the entity cards which can quite quickly cover a map and make it difficult to focus beyond the things in the domain, when the situations are more in focus.

When should it be used?

The pointers should be used after a domain mapping exercise has begun and important factors have begun to emerge. They can also be used during the solution phase where important parts of a concept need to be highlighted.

How to use

The pointers are folded card which should be placed when there is important entity that is being discussed as major contributing factor to a situation. Along with a situation template, more precise details can be noted down separately.