Blank Entity Cards

These are colourful flashcards with a blank space to add your own entities before a session, or for workshop participants to add their own Actors, Assets, Environments or impressions.

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Creativity tool

How many people can use it?
2 – 6

Download, print and cut

Exploration, identify, track

Related tools
Context map, situation template

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What is it?

These are simple flash cards to write on – which are used alongside the other entity cards for Actors, Assets, Environment and impressions.

Why use it?

In any workshop there needs to be space for participants to add their own input and flare. These cards simply help classify subjects and make it easier to document and relate ideas after a workshop finishes.

When should it be used?

Whenever any other entity cards are being used, a few spare blank cards should be available to extend what is being discussed.

How to use

Simple write a term which represents a user group, place, physical item or feeling that might be contextualised with a geographical space on a map.


A symbol, graphic or sketch is also helpful if possible to visualise the term in a more relatable way. For more information, you can read through the other Entity card information pages.