The IOT Methodology

Step 3: Validate

Brainstorm / Validate

Measure and compare the ways forward to ensure you’re on a track that matches your skills, goals and the environment you work in

Before any daunting expedition you check your route, double-check your kit and ensure your team has the skills for the challenges ahead. The same goes for any transformative endeavour in an organisation.

Your choices forward are rarely easy to make. A change in tactic, new product line, losing a long-term resource or finding third-party alternatives. They all have one common theme – potential profit or loss, and not just in the monetary sense

Validation provides the tools to evaluate your options, avoid the risky routes and put confidence in your team and direction.

We measure a strategy’s potential return, costs, time to deliver, complexity, take-up potential, feasibility and user experience as key value indicators.

THE RESULT: Understanding and ranking the potential of proposed strategies, particularly in relation to your company, market and the larger ecosystem.

Who to involve?

Decision-makers, goal setters and market researchers are key to success here – the result has the potential to greenlight projects and could be the start of transformation projects


  • IoT Competence Model
  • Strategy Assessment Form
  • Strategic grid
  • IoT Ecosystem grid
  • Pitch & Scoring
  • A/B Testing

Why Validate?

Make decision making easier – and get to know how things could go wrong.

The techniques available can be used in workshops, individually, as a team or even with third parties in market research.

Using a selection of the tools provides a layered and common perspective between your team and stakeholders, giving you answers about the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy. 

From here all you need is the decision to move forward, bring concepts to the real-world and see how users actually benefit.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.