The IOT Methodology

Step 1: Co-create

Brainstorm / Co-create

Help clients and teams start on the same page by exploring the problem domain with end-users and stakeholders, whilst creatively playing with new ideas and solutions inspired by the technologies and resources available

The first steps towards transformation are understanding where you are, who’s with you and the potential ways forward.

Co-creation exercises are designed to bring the people in your projects together to identify and discuss the real problems they experience. Alongside your team you ‘co-create’ ways to improve problems, or find new ways of working.

Perhaps you could already pinpoint some issues, however engaging the end-users directly, your team can identify much more of the needs precisely, and in a way everyone can understand.

THE RESULT: A strong joint understanding of the user domain, inspiration from real people who must work and live in the select environments, and a repository of accounts and anecdotes about the problems, opportunities and perspectives which can stimulate and validate new solutions.

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Who to involve?

Discovery is about perspective. Looking at different standpoints provides a ‘layered’ picture. Therefore, it’s crucial to involve many stakeholders, people from different departments inside your organisation or even representatives of end consumers and external actors in the supply chain.

To identify your needs from as many different perspectives as possible, it is crucial to talk to all stakeholders involved in the company processes. These can include both actors inside the company and/or external actors from the relevant supply chain. This way, we can identify all the requirements and necessary elements for the best fitting solution.


  • Context map
  • System map
  • Interest cards
  • Entity cards
  • Activity/result template
  • Ideas list
  • UI mockup + storyboards

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Why co-create?

Because we need to know the entire environment and the problems real people face. By creating a map of the environment together, it helps place everyone on the same page and gives a clear route forward

Though seeming simple initially, the detail and scope of co-creation results are often surprising and revealing.

The best possible solutions are built on a foundational understanding of the people involved on the front-lines. Where they work, what tools they use and their daily activities are key to connecting the dots to creating useful solutions.

It is necessary to list all the important actors and their activities, your crucial assets and the working environment so we can map how these things interconnect. This results in a complete overview of the environment that functions as a clear roadmap for creating value.

Only by defining the problem completely can you build a solution that actually works!