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What does the Internet of Things mean for your organisation?

  • New business models for connected services
  • Understanding cyber-physical User Experiences
  • Getting smarter with Artificial intelligence
  • Managing embedded devices and microcontrollers
  • Real-time operating systems and firmware deployment
  • Security for low-power devices
  • Non-IP and radio based networks
  • Integrating physical and virtual sensors
  • Wireless sensor network gateways
  • Time series, frequency and relational modelling
  • Taxonomy and classification for unstructured data
  • Working with industrial automation
  • How to support field engineers
  • Connecting PLC’s with cloud and edge computing
  • Blue collar vs white collar technical approach
  • Citizen engagement
  • Getting feedback on the big city problems
  • Testing concepts with citizens
  • Ongoing dialog whilst pilots are running
  • Stakeholder participation
  • Helping different city services understand others needs
  • Incentivising collaboration
  • Sourcing funding for innovation projects
  • Data & Service management
  • Ownership and privacy implications
  • Cost to maintain online services
  • Providing open data
  • Business Models
  • Pricing models for complex hardware, app and service offerings
  • Beyond SaaS and ad driven revenues
  • Changing customer payment behaviours
  • Intellectual property
  • Balancing free and open source software usage
  • Securing code remote devices
  • Finding niche areas in an ecosystem to develop IP
  • Finding partners
  • Reliable Cloud and network providers
  • In-house or external electronics production
  • Finding industry sector experts to support sales
  • Haptic & Screenless UI
  • Ethics & Sustainable use
  • UX in connected hardware
  • Retrofitting legacy equipment
  • Relying on IT software
  • Identifying new opportunities

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