The Goal

To allow everyone to experience the Internet of Things, by seeing and feeling the potentials of common use cases, through iterative prototyping and a ‘lean startup’ mentality.

Ultimately to enable individuals, communities and organizations to think, imagine and question ‘What’s next?’

This specifically concerns the services and apps created on top of these common use cases, in order to build a meaningful Internet of Things for Humans.

“We can build services for people, by people, of people, in the 21st century, if we make it so” - @timoreilly

Motivation & Ethos

Initiatives motivated solely by profit and politics hinder innovation and lack the creativity, enthusiasm and courage required to step into the unknown.

In the spirit of the World Wide Web and Open Source communities across the globe, a new collaborative effort must be taken to make the Internet of Things a reality.

The IoT Methodology aims to provide a loosely structured ecosystem of mutual value for all who participate, driven by sharing, collaboration, community and learning.

It’s an iterative methodology, which is developing iteratively.

It’s alive, it grows, it expands, it has no end date or budget restriction.

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